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Anna Coleman-Snow, LIVITY founder

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Livity’s workshops focus on the connection between handcrafts and creative thinking.  If we can discover new ways of working with our hands, we can also discover new ways of thinking and doing.

Being creative is not just doing great works of art. Creative thinking can help you manage the people and situations in your life. It can also help you be more in touch with your life purpose or help you discover it. I call this process “creative consciousness”.

Join us. Discover how your “creative consciousness” can lead you to a happier life.

Anna Coleman-Snow, Founder, LIVITY

Anna’s 5 tips for being more creative



in crochet and knitting

The 10 Week “Creative i” Workshop Program

A unique mix of craft, discussions, self awareness activities and fun.


Different crafts each week for participants to try


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Single Session Workshops

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