Kewpie Dolls

Created by Rose O’Neil as illustrations for a poem for the Ladies Home Journal (USA) in 1909, Kewpies have remained in little and big girl’s hearts for more than 100 years. The original Kewpies are now very much collector’s items.

In time, Kewpies became part of rural Fairs and city Shows – the “Doll on the stick” that children won as prizes.

In Australia, Kewpies were immortalized in Ray Lawler’s play “Summer of the Seventeenth Doll.”

Here are my Kewpie dolls – in the tradition of bringing smiles to people’s faces.  Enjoy…

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Belle of the Ball Kewpie

Amethyst Love Kewpie

Butterfly Kewpie

Queen Bee Kewpie

Autumn Kewpie



Golden Star Kewpie

Morning Dew Kewpie


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